Business development

We have hands-on experience in creating realistic and scalable growth opportunities for startups and businesses. We identify new markets and partnerships for their products and services.

Our areas of expertise include:

Business ConsultationBusiness consultation

We give advice and brainstorm with startup and business owners to enhance strategic thinking that will create growth opportunities in their ventures and produce the desired practical results. We also give professional advice on ways to increase productivity while reducing business costs and wastage; and also guide in entering into relationships and partnerships that will bring more value to their businesses. We are very passionate about helping especially new startups and small business owners that need adequate information and strategy to develop their businesses.

market-researchFeasibility Study

One of the things that determine the viability of a business is if it has an already existing market to serve. A business that has no target market is as good as dead. At Dattobs, we patiently perform an in-depth market research analysis to determine if there is a market for your business. We also use varied technology driven-data and audience insight tools to study the feasibility of your idea and ascertain if it worths embarking on. We do this to protect you from wasting your capital, energy, and resources on a project that will not eventually work out. We also help existing businesses by identifying new market opportunities and where to concentrate resources.

Product improvement

There is the saying “A good product can sell itself”; yes, that is true. When a product solves the problems and needs of people efficiently, they keep coming back and also refer their friends (word of mouth marketing). As experienced product developers, we benchmark your product to industry standards and also compare it against your competitor’s own to help you improve and have its best version.

Customer Relationship

We are experts in managing a company’s interaction with its current and potential customers. We use the data analysis of clients’ history with a company to improve its customer service and relationship, specifically focusing on increasing customer retention and repetitive buying. We also help in constructing effective feedback tools such as surveys, polls and review systems that efficiently communicate the thoughts, feelings and experiences from past and existing customers.

Business registrationBusiness registration

We partner with A-First Law Practice, a reputable Legal service company in Lagos that handles all the necessary legal needs of our clients.

Writing of Business proposalBusiness Writing 

Every business needs a well-thought-out plan that is properly documented and designed. This may help you to secure funding from lenders or investors, understand your market better, and also guide you in focusing on the right strategies to implement while building your business. So, whether you are in need of a professional business plan, proposal, or company profile that will help promote your brand and credibility, you have come to the right place. We are experts in writing and designing business materials that will wahoo your reader and target audience.

Business development

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